Bug Protection for Your Home for 2013


Gallinippers, Cicadas, and Kudzus, Oh My!

Ever had mosquito issues in your back yard because of the river nearby? Or maybe boxelder bugs taking over every square inch of your house (like in Utah during fall 2012)? Maybe even the kudzu bugs in North Carolina crowding your outdoor space? I know the nuisance of them. Ugh. But what about these wild gallinipper mosquitos that have even had entomologists wanting to avoid them?


These gallinippers are extra-large mosquitos, reported to be the size of a quarter and deliver a bite that some have reported to feel like a knife cut. These mosquitos are predicted to invade Florida summer 2013. Apparently the state saw a spike in these bugs last summer after the Debby, the tropical storm, hit the state of Florida. If Florida has a heavy rainy season, these gallinippers would have the perfect climate for a full-fledged summer[1].


The cicadas, or locusts, set to have their 17 year invasion, are to start in the Carolinas any day now (in April or May 2013) and then work its way up the east coast to New York’s Hudson Valley by June. The warmth is what brings them up from the ground when it turns 64 degrees Fahrenheit, after they have matured for 17 years. But, rest assured, these bugs are only out for about 4-6 weeks and are quite benign as far as humans and plants[2].

Bug Protection for Your Home

Whether you’re gearing up in Florida for the intense and fear-provoking gallinippers or just hoping to avoid the gross swarming of the cicadas in the Carolinas, you can find protection from those flying bugs with retractable screens. Patio screens, in motorized or manual format employ a taut screen, sealed on three sides with the bottom side connecting to the ground with a motorized bar or a magnetic plate that reaches the ground. It takes an extremely ambitious crawling bug to get into the screened patio or porch when retractable screens are down.

Retractable Versus Fixed

Flying bugs, like the cicadas or gallinippers are well deterred by screens and usually “bug off” quickly, seeing no entrance into the outdoor area. If you’re waiting for a bug storm in 2013, you might want to consider the benefits of retractable screens and weigh them with conventional fixed screens. Fixed screens may boast of a little more sealing off, but what about when the bugs subside and you want to open the screens to walk around on your patio or open it up for the party you’re having later? This is where the true benefits of retraction become most apparent. Close off your outdoor space when the bugs visit, but retract back to enjoy the air when the bugs are gone.


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