W Hotel Washington

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W Hotel Washington He sat forward in his chair while sipping his Scotch… wishing he could move beyond the glass wall to hear the city streets and drink in the night air. This is where you level up. The W Hotel Washington sits in the heart of the District with historical views that most only dream of experiencing. Retractable windows […]

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Superior Steakhouse Shreveport

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Superior Steakhouse Shreveport Boundaries no longer apply!When using the Panora retractable window to provide options and expand clients’ dining experience, the Superior Steakhouse Shreveport blended fine dining with the fresh, casualness of the outdoors. Feast upon and devour the surroundings brought in by removing the boundaries of traditional windows. Without worry, your retractable window will allow indoor dining areas to […]

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Scottsdale Pool

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Scottsdale Pool #4409 Scottsdale Pool #4409: This retirement resort recreation center was not getting full use of the resort pool that was built for it. With the installation of a Libart retractable pool enclosure, the recreation area is protected from the sun in the summer, chill in the winter. Now the tenants of the retirement home can use their pool […]

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