It’s What Retractable Screens Do For You

Why do people get retractable screens? What is the difference between that and having a screened-in porch or a screen door? What’s the benefit of screening off an area with retractable screens? These are some things I had to get answered if I was going to be part of a retractable screen company. After a trip to Cincinnati to visit some of our screens and speak with some of the homeowners about their screen purchase, I found my answers.

Retractable screens offer a sealed off area while allowing the versatility of an open room, to be open to the sun and the ability to walk through. It offers the benefits of a screened porch as well as the open space of an unhindered patio. With the screens down, it nearly creates a room, sealed off from bugs, amply shaded, and an intimate atmosphere. With the screens retracted, your patio opens up fully to the outdoors, expanding the space, and allowing the freedom to walk in and out.

After hearing things like, “I love my screens because we can now have dinner outside”, and “I love my screens because I can nap out here in the afternoon without any bugs”, I realized it wasn’t so much about the screens, as it was about what the screens provided for them: a nice shaded, bug-free environment perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and family time. They loved the screens because of what they were able to now do with their space that they couldn’t do before. Carol could now open it up during the day while she walked around her patio area for gardening and cleaning and then shut the screens at night for having guests over. Thad could now shut the back patio room off while still having a full view of the woods behind their house. And Steve could now use his space under the back deck without using tiki torches every evening. I finally got it.

Now, there are different reasons for having a retractable screen door versus having a storm door or screen door. If I have a screen door that leads out to my back patio in a high-traffic area, then that door has to be opened every time someone enters or goes out. If I had a retractable screen, the screen can be retracted when there is lots of traffic in that area. I can also see completely through the doorway without my view being hindered, as there is no solid part at the bottom, it’s all screen mesh. Lastly, the screen is retracted into a casing, fully protecting it from weathering and damage from excessive use.

So, I identified the top three reasons that people enjoy retractable screens and like to integrate them into their homes and living spaces. Here it goes…

  1. No bugs! It’s totally sealed off.
  2. Less sun. The screens vastly dim the area being protected and reduce solar heat gain in your rooms because of their exterior positioning.
  3. Full view. There’s no compromising that view of the golf course, back woods, or lake.

There you have it! Because they help you fully utilize and enjoy your pretty patio furniture and outdoor fireplace, they are most certainly the cherry on top of your outdoor space.