PergoFlex Retractable Roof System

Flex with the Weather

Stay Cool, Calm, & Covered
The fully-customizable PergoFlex Retractable Roof System is designed to transform your outdoor space into a functional venue that you and your guests can enjoy throughout the year. Make this your favorite room in the house by choosing your size, fabric and frame colors, and integration options that meet your needs.


High quality, durable aluminum construction provides stability in most weather conditions

All-Weather Protection

Designed to protect you, your guests, and your outdoor space from the elements


18 different fabric options and LED lighting features to create your ideal ambiance


Uniquely designed rain gutter system diverts the rain away from your activities


The retractable roof utilizes an easy operating, efficient motorized system

Integrates With Other Products

Integrates with our retractable windows and doors, screens, and wind barriers for added protection

    Pergoflex in Action

    Retractable Roof Enclosure and Wind Barrier

    Iron Horse Brews is a family-owned and operated brewery located in Sherwood, OH.  Recently, Iron Horse Brews installed a retractable roof enclosure and wind barrier system. The PergoFlex Retractable Patio and Kinetic Retractable Glass Wind Barrier are part of the Stoett Industries family of products. “Bringing people together was our goal from the start, and Iron Horse Brews is our
    Retractable Roof Enclosure and Wind Barrier

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