Using the Space Under Your Second Story Deck.

During my recent trip to Cincinnati to visit some of our screen customers, I noticed many people used the area under their 2nd story back deck to install screens. The space was perfect for mounting screens underneath and sealing off the patio area. Two of the three residences I visited had this type of setup for their retractable screen area.

The first home I visited, the Blower’s, had the screens installed under their back 2nd story deck to seal off a nice patio area that was a section of their outdoor living space; the other section included an outdoor fireplace and open lounge area. But, when they need an enclosed area with protection from bugs in the evening, they take their company into the screened-in area. They have a river located about 150 feet from the back of their home and the bugs can be quite obnoxious, so they got two Panorama™ screens and three PanoramaLite™ screens to fit their application. Both products they ordered manual and say it seals off their area totally from bugs. The magnets installed on the cement allow the screens to latch when they are pulled down and the “fuzzy” strip on the bottom of the pull-down cover the bottom opening, both making sure no bugs enter the patio area.

The product selection was decided on based upon their existing openings and size requirements. The two far openings are both Panorama™ because those are the largest openings and PanoramaLite™ doesn’t reach that far in its span because it is a smaller, lighter option. The three other smaller openings were easily fitted with PanoramaLite™ units, Panorama™’s little sister. Panorama spans up to 13’ tall and 24’ wide and PanoramaLite spans up to 9’ tall and 10’ wide. They each come with a variety of screen choices, some specifically for keeping tiny bugs out and some are heavy-duty to protect against pet wear. Each screen’s pull-down bar has a little metal eyelet for using the hook tool to pull the screens down manually. They glide smoothly and were easy for Tami to move up and down.

The Blower’s like their area for company hanging out in the evenings after golfing, dinnertime with friends and family, and winding down with Bunker, their sweet little dog that still has his unhindered view of the outdoors. When I asked Steve what he thought about the screens he said, “We love to be outdoors, this just makes it so much more functional.” The bugs were the main reason they looked into retractable screens, but their screens also provide a cooler shaded area during the day when the sun hits the back of the house. The screens allowed them to utilize their living space and get some great use out of their outdoor area. Retractability lengthens the life of the screen and creates a breathable, flexible space.

Pulling Down Screens Under her 2nd Story Back Deck