Behind the Scenes- Stoett Manufactures Custom Screens

Stoett Industries manufactures its line of individually custom-ordered screens with local talent and vendors. The process goes like this…

Sally is looking around online and sees Stoett come up for retractable patio screens. The website lets her find the closest dealer in her area with her zip code and she contacted them to schedule a site visit. The dealer came out to take her patio measurements, and then the dealer put in his order with the manufacturer (Us!).

When the order is received at Stoett headquarters in the U.S., the exact product components are pulled from stock and cut to the order specifications. Stoett has aluminum extruded from an Ohio extruder and then power-coated with our custom colors at a nearby facility. While this is happening, screen is pulled and cut to size, clipped for snug fitting into the rail, and given to the builders. Then, the builders piece the components together like elves. They cycle (pull out the screen and let it roll back up) and cycle again, then they cycle again to make sure the product is taut, snug, and correctly built. Oh, and somewhere in there, screws and stuff are used to hold the product together. Lastly, the product is packaged up tightly and shipped to the dealer.

And now here we are just 3-4 weeks later, the trusty Stoett dealer is whistled at by the Fed Ex guy trying to open the front door with an 8’ long product box in his hand. Excitedly, the dealer opens the box like a kid on Christmas morning, and stands in awe of the seamless powder-coating and precise cutting. The dealer then calls his customer to get them pumped for the install.

The dealer arrives at the customer’s home with the screens ready to install into the measured areas. Once the screens are mounted, the rails are installed into the sides of the opening, the magnets are mounted, the screen is run through the rails, and tested for functionality. And the job is complete. Now, all the homeowner needs to do is get some designer outdoor cushions and invite some friends over in the evening to test the bug-proof screens. Truly, the screens complement the outdoor living space, so not much else needs to be done once screens are installed. They simply enhance and make more functional what is already there.

If Sally has any issues she knows she can call her local dealer to service the screens. That is the assurance of Stoett; the screens are manufactured in the U.S. and comprised of local vendor contribution and sourcing. And a local dealer is nearby for measuring from the start to servicing years after installation.

Rest assured you’re receiving a product from a company that truly is 100% American made, has a large dealer network across the U.S. and Canada, and stands behind the quality and service of their product.