Toy Hauler Screens by Stoett

SportScreen Retractable Screens for Toy Haulers by Stoett and Their Amateur Motocross Sponsorship

One of the original products in the Stoett retractable screen product line was the SportScreen™ for toy haulers and RV rigs. These screens are the most installed in that industry, capturing approximately 85% of that market’s screens. This is most certainly attributed to the product quality, with its high quality aluminum components and durable, fixed design along with Stoett’s capabilities, from customization of size to custom screen-printing.

The screens fit well for people that take off every weekend to camp, take their motorcycles out, and for motocross riders at their races. Screening off the back end of the trailer provides shading and bug protection for garage work and hanging out while still allowing ventilation. These screens are meant for long-term installation, not for piecing them up when you set up your camping spot. They aren’t screens that use Velcro, magnets, or zippers to attach to the back end of a hauler. They are mounted on the inside top part of the doorway. They have sturdy rails that guide the system up and down, a protective housing where the screen rolls into, and a taut appearance when pulled out.

Stoett started sponsoring amateur motocross riders in 2009 and has been ever since. We wanted to be part of something fun and exciting and few things more exciting than revving dirt bikes flying through the air with dirt flying up on bystanders. Of course, motocross riders and families certainly have that “take off for the weekend” profile that these screens are perfect for. They are sturdy to fit their constant usage and active lifestyles. To see just how active these lifestyles are, check out this helmet video footage from one of our riders, Aaron, is here. YeeeeHawww!

This year we have 10 sponsored riders, of which two have qualified for the 31st Annual Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship presented by Amsoil at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN on July 29- August 4. The Championship website is where you can see updates and winners. We are excited for these riders approaching the championship and expect to see updates and videos posted on our Facebook wall:

The screens are sold through your local dealer and ordered to fit your specific Toy Hauler. They will fit your exact measurement and completely seal off your opening from bugs. They are manually operated, pulled easily with a handle and magnets hold the screen down when in use. Even your own graphics and logo can be printed on the screen.