Why do you love your retractable screen

I recently went to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit some of our screen customers and get their perspective of the product and capture some photos of what they do with it. I wanted to understand more of why people say “I love my screens”, as I didn’t get what they could LOVE about their screens, being new to the industry.

I met the Bauer family that had two wide format Panorama™ screens and one StowAway™ screen installed last fall on their back porch area. The back of their house faces some woods about 40 feet from their porch and the bugs were getting too crazy to be able to spend time on their porch. After looking at their options, searching online, and talking to their builder, they decided to purchase from Stoett a combination of screens that would fully seal off their back porch.

They said they loved their Stoett screens because of many reasons: it reached their large span requirement, kept the bugs out, allowed full view of the outdoors, had the option of motorization, and allowed them to use that back patio space that they weren’t able to fully use before. They pointed to the neighbor’s four-season room and said “We wanted something like a four-season room, but didn’t want the four walls. The screens give us a ‘room feel’ without being walled in.” They get to open the screens when they have company over and are playing in the back yard, but then can shut them when it’s just their family having dinner together.

Thad, the father, admitted he liked to take naps (photo included!) in his screened-in area. It’s shaded, they have a nice outdoor fan, they have a comfy couch, and it’s private from the neighbors. Why the heck not?! And Joye, the mom, said she enjoyed the dinner and family time they can now use their porch for.   I also asked Joye why she got it motorized…. Her response-  “Because it’s cool!” and her daughter chimed in, “And you can close it from inside with our remote!”

Both Thad and Joye noted that they felt this was a significant investment, as custom retractable screens aren’t a cheap kit you can buy at the hardware store. They took their time in selecting an option to create a more functional back porch, but choices were limited because of their large openings. The two outer corners of the back porch were the areas needing fitted for a screen and Panorama™ by Stoett met the size requirements.

After 6+ months since the installation, they are very happy they screened their area with retractable screens and not fixed screens or a four-season room. Their view is not compromised, they aren’t stuck inside a room with four walls, and they still get 100% bug protection. Stoett made a customer happy with their newly convertible area and the Bauer’s got to complete their little outdoor haven. Sounds like a win-win to me.


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