Motorized Screens – To Motorize or not to Motorize – That’s the question

Stoett Retractable Screens offers products with motorization and manual operation. So, what’s the difference in operation? What products can be motorized?

All Stoett screen products are easy to move in manual or motorized screen formats, simply because retractability and movement is what they are made for. They all slide smoothly because of the rail system (tracks) that guide the screen out and the housing (casing it slides in to) that keeps it taut around the roll tube (the tubing inside that holds the screen on it). Every system is built this way, so they all glide open and closed.

Manual Options and Functioning

The manual option is available for any product, from our StowAway™ door screens to our Panorama™ garage screens. Manually operating windows and doors is easy with Stoett’s ergonomic handles on every product. Operating Panorama™ or PanoramaLite™ manually is different because they are often above reaching height, and for those a hook is used that I call a “shepherd’s hook”. On manual products, an eyelet is installed for the shepherd’s hook to grab for pulling down. (see video below)

Manual Patio Retractable Screen


The motorized screen option is available just for larger products, like Panorama™ and PanoramaLite™, made for garages, porches, and architectural openings. The motors used in our products are the top tubular motor in the industry, made by Somfy, a leader in home motion technology. Since using these motors, we have never had any “wear out”; the lifespan truly hasn’t been discovered. That’s reassuring about the longevity and dependability, isn’t it? Not to mention, there is even a five year warranty on the motor and there are battery back-up packs for extra assurance, just to help you sleep better at night.

For the motorized screens, only a 120 V outlet is needed to operate the screen. While the motor itself is standard in our units, the control options vary. There are hand-held remotes and wall mountable keypads that control all screens on one channel or multi-channel systems that can individually alter each screen (in case you want one screen down while another is only halfway down). Some more advanced control options include wind sensors that pull your screens up when heavy wind comes or sun sensors that lower your screen if sun hits that sensor. Even more, there is a keychain remote option!

Ordering your retractable screen in a manual format or motorized is truly preference. Some people motorize simply because “It’s cool!”, as Joye said, a homeowner I met out on my recent photo shoot. Either way, Stoett’s screens are convenient, effective, and easy to operate. They can be enjoyed in any capacity.

Motorized Patio Screen on Restaurant