Outdoor Living with Retractable Screens

It seems that the trend of outdoor living isn’t going anywhere, but is rising quickly in popularity and in product offerings. There is an entire world of outdoor living companies, from pavers to outdoor kitchens to elaborate swimming pools. The National Association of Realtors had published a survey earlier this year talking about this trending area with landscape architects. Some of those top trends include exterior lighting, fire pits and places, seating/dining areas, grills, installed seating, and outdoor furniture. The list goes on to mention some other popular items: counter space, utility storage, stereo systems, sinks, and refrigerators[1].

I used to work in the pool industry, running the Pool Girl Crew for a local pool company and I saw outdoor living spaces all day, every day. In 2008 and 2009 I didn’t see as much “outdoor living” (couches, tv’s, outdoor kitchens) as I did during 2010 and 2011. I started to see more paver plans, outdoor marble countertops, large pool houses, deck water features, and incorporation of rocks into backyard landscapes. Looking at Belgard Hardscapes online, they know a thing or two about outdoor living. A recent article on their site spoke about the growing popularity of using rock, water, and fire elements in outdoor designs and how this is a way for homeowners to convert their backyard space into a relaxing and “decorative extension of their living space”[2].

Industry gurus attribute this to the downturn in the economy, so people are turning their dollars toward the back yard, staying at home, and remodeling instead of relocating. I remember the old advertising “Staycation” term we used at the pool place when we were getting ready to put our ads out for inground pools. I also think people are working more and resting less, so they want an “evening vacation” every night after work instead of waiting every 6 months for a vacation. Outdoor areas are perfect for this, your own little personal oasis.

I did a little photo shoot at a pool customer’s house and the place was intricately designed with pavers making an elevated deck area from the house leading down to the pool, outdoor furniture under a canopy, a full wrap-around bar countertop, and an open pool house area complete with a wet bar. I do recall the customer saying they decided to skip a vacation and put the money into their back yard. And now she has happy-hour Fridays, where she and her friends have Fridays off for the summer and bring their kids to hang out the entire day to swim and lounge around.

What’s all this outdoor jazz have to do with screens?  Well, everything. These outdoor places are a wonderful escape to relax outside in the evening, but pressing a button to put down your motorized screen and seal off your outdoor room, is the icing on the cake! Being able to have that sealed off space from bugs and having a peaceful dinner completes your outdoor area.  Stoett screens can be utilized in any outdoor living space where there is an overhead structure to mount the screens to, from pergolas to your 2nd story decking. And since the screens are made to custom-fit each patio setting, there’s no worry about bugs getting through or the screen not reaching the length of your opening. Stoett has your outdoor living space covered, for any room and any setting.


[1] National Association of Realtors, “What’s Hot with Outdoor Living Trends”, in Curb Appeal by Melissa Tracey

[2] Belgard Hardscapes, “Rock, Water and Fire Elements a Growing Trend in Outdoor Living Designs”, April 9, 2012