Wide Span Vinyl Retractable Shades: Wind-Free Outdoor Living

Retractable Vinyl Panorama Shades for Architectural openings and windows

This porch near Rehoboth Beach in Delaware was made for outdoor living, for being outside every chance they get, for getting as much sunshine and fresh air as possible. It is used nearly year-round, sometimes even opened in the winter when nature surprises this beach community with a 70 degree afternoon.

First starting out as a fixed screen porch, Illona, the homeowner, found the shifting winds to often ruin time out on the porch, so she began to search for something that would cover the openings without lessening the view. It was hard for her to find a product that reached the width of her openings and didn’t detract from the view or create a divider in the center of the opening. Her solution came when she found the retractable vinyl shades from Stoett.

Illona enjoys the light the wide vinyl openings allow in. She said she “adores them” and loves that there aren’t slotted shades or any hindrance of the view. Every chance they get, she and her family gather on the porch to soak in the outdoors. They have every meal out on the porch and enjoy bringing nearly every activity out there- work, reading, iPad surfing, morning coffee, you name it!

The clear vinyl wind barrier retractable shades were installed on the outside of the six fixed screened openings and give them the best of the outdoors- plenty of sun, screens for protection from bugs, and vinyl for protection from wind and protection for the screen.  It also acts as a wind protector for patios and lanais. The housing for the vinyl brings the shades above the opening, completely hiding the shades when not in use.  The clear vinyl shade is durable and is a retractable wind blocker. Individually operating with a remote, she is able to change which sides are protected from the gusts of wind. When not in use, Illona raises the shades 7/8 of the way in order to give the porch circulation and avoid overheating.

The vinyl sections can reach up to 50? by 100? and fabric covers the rest of the opening, for a total of up to 20 ft. wide and 11 ft. tall. The sides of the shade are fixed into a track, rolling the shade taut up into the housing and back down again. The track is fixed on the vertical sides of each opening down the side of the house to cover each screened opening fully.

Illona noted her area has a pollen issue that coats everything in the spring with a half inch of pollen and she used to have to hose down the porch and move the furniture out of the room, but has not had to do since her vinyl shades were installed. The vinyl and fabric material fully seal and protect the porch from pollen, bugs, and wind. After having them for a year, she gives her stamp of approval on the shades and applauds the uniqueness and durability of the product.

Wide Format Vinyl Shades