It May Be Scorching, but Arizona Still Gets Their Screen On

Arizona may have an excruciating hot and dry summer climate, but they can still use their retractable door screens during the milder ends of that season. With limited backyard space often being the case, opening up the doors for air and gaining some of the outdoors is certainly desired for residents. And placing such a high value on outdoor activity and getting their sunshine quota, many homes utilize retractable door screens.

Seldom did I see a large door opening without a screen on it of sorts. When searching through the options homeowners have to screen their door off, the quickly find they can grab the “big box option” and potentially have an install disaster or they can hire someone locally to cut the door to size. Yeah, I thought you might choose the second option. I would too.

The doorways in Arizona seem to be made for Shrek or just some type of ogre, standing sometimes at 9 to 10 feet tall. Having that much space for your doorway, you’d be silly to not take advantage of those breezes that blow through. Take Howard for example. He and his wife have a neatly designed home with their kitchen and breakfast nook right to the side of the front entrance with their retractable screen out front. The open door creates a warm atmosphere for morning coffee and even cutting up a fruit tray for the afternoon get together.

Bringing the outdoors inside with screen protection is certainly essential for Arizona residents. Utilizing open areas, at least your doorways can make a huge impact on the air flow through your home and keep out the undesired bugs and elements. It creates the best of both worlds and complements your home by giving you the most of those outdoor courtyard, patio, and balcony spaces that you created to enjoy.