It’s like the Chameleon Lizard of Door Screen Options

With 12 Standard Colors and Paintable Wood to Match ANY Door


Their beauty is in their slimness, ability to adapt, and their inconspicuous protection. That sounds like an introduction to a documentary about lizards, but it’s not! It’s about retractable door screens. The simple but durable product can be installed after-the-fact in many door cases. It makes sense for someone desiring a screen for insect and solar protection as well as a compact product not requiring room for a sliding back into the side of a doorway. They are nearly as adaptable as a chameleon lizard, just look at the photos below from Alexander Custom Screens in Arizona.

They can match just about any color scheme and size requirements. If you are looking for a wood option, real wood veneer wrap comes on the product in oak, mahogany, and pine. Each wood wrap is stainable to match the door as closely as possible, so as to make the retractable screen as unnoticeable as possible. See images 4-6 below to view the various wood color choices. The wood can also be painted, which is a popular option when matching tricky color schemes.

As for sizing, a single door screen can reach 4’ in width. In some cases, a French doorway, if narrow enough, can even use just one screen instead of two screens that meet in the center. That door example is shown in photo 3 below, where the homeowners utilized one screen for each side door on the opposite ends of their inside courtyard. For doorways reaching over 8’, the largest width is 3’.

Nearly any doorway can host a retractable screen, as the installation can be flexible and the unit’s housing can be installed on the inside or the outside of the door sill, depending on how much space is available. With sill adapters, the bottom rail can be hidden into your doorway to provide the least intrusive installation and best functionality of the screen.

Endless door screen options for quality retractable screens.