Aluminum D Handle in Brown

New Standard Aluminum D Handle on All Doors

It’s a Grabby Handle

This is a new standard. A high standard. Stoett Industries is proud to announce this new solid aluminum D Handle now standard on all StowAway™ door products. They are solid, rock hard aluminum that make pulling and using your screen much easier.

The D Handle is replacing the plastic version. The new, fresh aluminum surface and grabbing ability of the D Handle make this an exciting addition to the StowAway™ product line. The new handle is more quickly grabbed, as each side is the same and makes reaching into the handle very natural.

The D Handle comes with a matching powder coat finish to seamlessly match your screen housing and rail colors. They are oh so easy to grip and get your fingers in to. No more sliding off, just a straight forward easy-to-use handle. They are also easily cleaned and don’t stain like some plastic handles tend to. It also boasts of less fading than plastic does. You can’t go wrong with these new handles that make the functionality a breeze.

Let’s recap the benefits:

• Matching color to the powder coat finish

• Easily Gripped

• Easily Cleaned

• Fade Resistant

Now that this is the standard on all StowAway™ products, you can know that all door and window orders will come with these quality handles. See the photos and video below to check these out.

All Stoett StowAway™ doors are custom-made to order through our dealer network across the United States and Canada. Often referred to as “disappearing screens” or “roll up screens”, these allow for full view out of your doorway while having protection and coverage from insects. The screens disappear back into a housing that protects the screen mesh when not in use. The StowAway™ doors have 12 standard colors and unlimited custom colors, along with Wood Veneer Wrap that offers stainable capabilities.

Aluminum D Handle by Stoett