Stoett’s 10 Year Anniversary

Stoett Industries, Inc. of Northwest Ohio just celebrated their 10 year anniversary of officially being in business. To congratulate their service to the Defiance area, the Defiance Chamber of Commerce, awarded them the 10 year service award (see image). To better understand the past decade of Stoett’s history, let me give some background on the company…

Jack and Chris Stover, the father/son duo, started Stoett Industries in 2003 in Defiance, Ohio. Stoett’s name comes from the first three letters of Jack’s last name (Stover) and the last three letters of Barb’s (Jack’s wife) maiden name (Garrett)—forming Stoett.

Chris Stover

Chris Stover

Jack Stover

Jack Stover

Before the birth of Stoett, Jack made his career in various specialty chemical companies in the adhesive and coatings industry. He invented several technologies that he sold. In particular, he formulated a soybean-based hydraulic oil that he developed with the government for operating the Statue of Liberty’s elevator.

Chris, Jack’s son, enjoys developing ideas and being the feet to this multi-company manufacturing operation. Stoett has grown considerably over the last three years and recently had to move to a larger plant to increase manufacturing capabilities.

StowAway Retractable Door

StowAway Screen Door


At the very start, Stoett started manufacturing retractable screens. First came the StowAway™ door product. The door product has evolved throughout the last decade, but the most recent change has been the aluminum door handle, which provides a high quality look and feel for the door.

After StowAway™, the SportScreen™ product was invented to fit RV’s and Toy Haulers and was sold through OEM’s. From there, the rest of the product line developed, the Panorama™, PanoramaLite™, and other complementing products like ScreenEze® and Centor®. Stoett dealers enjoy the full product line, great customer service, and willingness to create extremely custom screens.



Now on to the Libart story…

Libart Retractable Roofing

Libart Retractable Roofing

Before the downturn of the economy in 2009, Jack saw an opportunity to purchase the manufacturing and marketing rights to Libart, a moving architectural product for pools and patios. This product complemented the retractable theme for Stoett and also diversified the offerings from the company. They are both architectural products, but greatly differ in their applications and in their buyer.

Stoett’s territory for Libart covers all of the United States and Canada. Since 2009, Libart has installed many residential enclosures, mostly covering swimming pools. And since 2011, Libart has installed at more commercial applications, such as swim centers (Ooltewah Swim Center, TN), and restaurants (Legal Harborside, Boston; Union Restaurant, Minneapolis). Libart continues to innovate and provide exquisite moving architecture for residential and commercial settings. Don’t believe me? See the new Guillotine product.


retractable shower door

Newline Shower Door

Most recently, Stoett purchased the manufacturing rights to Newline retractable shower doors. Stoett has been producing these shower doors since January 2013 and selling to OEM’s, among other builder and remodeler entities. Newline is a great product for RV’s and campers because of their compact nature and minimal installation requirements.

If you couldn’t see what’s in common for these three product lines, I’ll tell you: retractable, flexible, in motion, accessible, useful, and just plain cool. We like to bring the outdoors inside. We like to create products that are useful every day. We like to get the reaction “that’s awesome!” because it never gets old.

Thanks for stopping by. Catch the 20 year anniversary blog in 2023!



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