Libart Revamped Their Virtual Stomping Grounds

Our retractable friends that happen to share the same facility, Libart, totally revamped their virtual stomping grounds. This renovation just happened and was created to give retractable architecture enthusiasts a better place to explore this new world of moving architecture.

Let’s be honest: there are still many builders, architects, and homeowners that don’t know about retractable architecture, a.k.a. moving architecture, kinetic architecture, Motion in Architecture, pool enclosures, patio enclosure, retractable roofing, and retractable skylights. There’s all sorts of terms used to describe these moving structures, one of my favorites being “pool dome”. But, since this isn’t a product pulled off the shelf, I think it is best described as “moving architecture”. It isn’t just an “enclosure” or a “dome”. It is a fully engineered product, designed for the space it will cover.

The website was created with these goals in mind:

  1. Make it clear what Libart is: moving architecture allowing year-round use of outdoor space. It is an architectural solution. It is permanent. It is robust and long-lasting. It is used in restaurants, hotels, event centers, swim centers, homes, and industrial applications.
  2. Answer Hot Topics in the blog and FAQ’s throughout the website
    Hot Topics Libart

    Hot Topics- Like this Indoor Pool Blog

  3. Answer the frequently asked question of “How much do they cost?” Let’s be honest, nobody really knows how much they cost because they are still pretty unknown to our market, even though they’ve been around for over 20 years. We answered this on all the application pages, showing examples of price ranges, and we answered it on the Get an Estimate page, where visitors can submit a form to get an estimate for their very own project.
  4. Show “the goods”, and let people subscribe to them. When a new project gets posted, we send out a monthly e-mail with the featured project. People can now subscribe easily to the emails and also view the entire gallery of finished projects.


That being said, we wanted to make the site clear and uncluttered to help visitors understand what this product is, isn’t, and how it could work for their pool or patio space. I dare you to check it out. Tell me what you think. Email me feedback at

See Libart’s post about the new website here


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