Fresh Air Benefits you Never Knew About


Gain fresh breezes with retractable screens

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Fresh air is good for you!

And Stoett screens can help folks get plenty of it

“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine,

blowing through the jasmine in my mind.”

-Seals & Crofts


The summer breezes are here and people are eager to get out and simply inhale the outdoors … the dewy mornings … the smell of the ocean … the cool, relaxing evenings … Nowadays people are finding more ways to enjoy the outdoors, not only by hitting the water slides, but by making comfortable spaces for eating and living where they can gather with family and friends and enjoy the fresh air and smell the flowers and the rest of nature that surrounds them.

And this kind of fresh air, if you look at any number of web sources, is indeed just what the doctor ordered to raise your level of health. Getting more fresh air results in people getting more oxygen into to their lungs, which has a number of invigorating effects, including:

• Helping airways to more fully dilate and cleanse your lungs. When exhaling through your lungs you expel airborne toxins from your body. Generally inhaling and exhaling more fresh air helps clear the body of accumulated impurities.

• Helping people to relax, and improving heart rate and blood pressure.

• Making people happier, because, among other things, increased oxygen intake increases the release of the brain chemical serotonin, which can lighten one’s mood and improve his or her sense of well being.

• Better digestion, which, including a brisk walk outside after eating, helps in managing weight.

• Sleeping more soundly.

• Strengthening the immune system.

• Helping people think better and have more energy. The brain needs 20 percent of the body’s oxygen. More oxygen brings better clarity to the brain and improves concentration.

Of course, spending more time outside to take advantage of these benefits also means spending more time in the sun and with mother nature’s little pests of one sort or another. And it can be difficult if people have seasonal allergies as well. That’s why when Katrina of Fresno, Calif., got some of her bad allergies cleared up, she felt liberated and ready to breathe in as much of the fresh air as she could.

Her house offered an excellent way to do that with an indoor-outdoor kitchen that was three-quarters enclosed in her home while one side could be completely opened to the outside pool area. But while Katrina loved the fresh air afforded by her spacious kitchen, she also didn’t want every bug in the universe to have access to it.

She found her solution with 10-foot-wide retractable Panorama screen from Stoett that allowed her to completely close off the kitchen from pests and provide additional shade when the sun got to be too much. This allowed her kitchen to become a “fresh air room” where Katrina could still smell the flowers and feel the breeze coming across the pool while retaining her interior comforts. Two PanoramaLite screens on her bedroom windows allow even more fresh air “flavor” from the poolside.

A place to relax, to breath in deeply and often, to let cares fall away, to slide off into a deep, refreshing sleep, rejuvenating body and soul, clearing the mind. Clearly the more time people spend outside the more the health benefits of fresh air add up. Stoett screens help clear away some of nature’s irritants and encourage outdoor living as another great step toward a healthy lifestyle.