Start Selling Eco-Friendly Today

Who Needs Air Conditioning?

Without a doubt, the indoor / outdoor living trend is on the rise. We spent a couple of years writing about it in our web posts. Architects and designers can even win awards for passive cooling designs. Fundamentally, you and I wouldn’t even have a business relationship if it weren’t for the desire for people to open up their homes to the outdoors for fresh air and cool breezes.

I realize this isn’t news to you. However, I’d like to use this opportunity as a reminder to keep eco-friendly talking points in mind with clients and referral sources. Here are a few things to share and consider…

1. If someone is thinking of remodeling or building a new home, why not offer to review their design ideas? Why not sit down with their builder and architect to discuss possibilities on improving the eco-friendliness of the design? These things allow you to point out opportunities for cross ventilation, solar control, and privacy.

2. Offer to calculate energy savings based on using air conditioning less often. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy provides a useful tool for this. You could also partner with a local HVAC company to help estimate savings.

3. How about hosting an open house for interior designers, architects, builders and realtors at your showroom? Or take your displays on the road and invite these professionals to a local restaurant for a lunch and learn or evening social? Why? Because these professionals can share ideas with homeowners, both sellers and buyers, about how to spruce up a home and make it much more livable and eco-friendly.

These are just a few ideas for how to leverage eco-friendliness with your clients and referral sources. If you’d like help executing on these ideas or want to discuss other ideas to develop your business, please let me know.