SuperScreen Mesh is Tough, Really Tough

A Strong, Durable, Cost-Savings Option-SuperScreen Mesh to the Rescue

Is the threat of flying insects keeping your customers from enjoying their patio, lanai, garage, or other outdoor living space? Stoett has the answer with the introduction of SuperScreen Mesh.

Homeowners who choose Stoett wide format screens will sleep better knowing loved ones are protected by the toughest and most reliable insect screen on the market. Stoett’s PanoramaUltra screen systems are reliable and tough—really tough.

What makes our screens so tough and reliable? One reason is that Stoett uses only the highest quality materials such as SuperScreenTM mesh by Twitchell. SuperScreen construction consists of a polyester fabric yarn with PVC coating. It’s 200% stronger and lasts three times longer than traditional mesh. Learn more about this amazing mesh material in this short video.

Help your customers take back their outdoor living spaces. Give them the peace of mind they’re looking for by offering tough, reliable PanoramaUltra Screens featuring the toughest insect screen on the market, SuperScreen mesh by Twitchell.