Spring Assist on Manual Retractable Patio Screens

A Hidden Secret About Stoett Pull-Down Retractable Screens

There is a wide range of “Quality” when it comes to retractable screens. When we think of quality, we immediately think of things that hold up over time. We also recognize how different something “feels” that is high quality. Whether you’re comparing retractable screens, windows, doors, drawers or anything that has motion, you can quickly feel the difference when something is really high quality. High quality products that are designed to move tend to operate more smoothly, disengage and re-engage more securely and just feel more durable.

So what’s the secret? How do Stoett’s manually operated pull-down retractable screens operate so smooth and effortlessly?

We Call it “Spring Assist Technology” for Retractable Screens.

The secret is a proprietary design that is enclosed by the screen “canister” or “housing” on large area, vertical openings, shown here. Think of it as a type of recoil system. We realized that in order to ensure a high-quality look and feel for all of our manually operated screens that we needed something simpler and cleaner looking than a crank or pull chain. You can see and feel the difference when both opening and closing Stoett retractable screens.

For larger openings like our PanoramaUltra, the Spring Assist is critical because without it, manually opening and closing such large screens would be very cumbersome. Unlike all other manually operated pull-down retractable screens on the market, ours can be operated from both inside and outside.

See our large area, manually operated, retractable screens in action.

Comparing Manually Operated Retractable Screens

Without a technology like our Spring Assist, manual open/close devices such as cranks and pull chains are used. Cranks tend to cost more, are very slow to operate and require greater effort. Pull chains are fragile, are prone to breakage and also operate slowly. For both cranks and pull chains, they can only be operated on one side.

Most manufacturers of retractable screens encourage clients to upgrade to motorized units. This is great if there is room in the budget. However, if the end user doesn’t want motorization, then they are forced into a single-side operation and the downsides of pull chains or cranks. Stoett is the only manufacturer of retractable screens to offer Spring Assist technology on all manually operated screens and shades.