Vertical Retracting Windows

Ve Cafe| Vertical Retracting Windows Offer Extraordinary Views

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Ve Cafe  The Ve Cafe Restaurant is located in a very good location. It offers an amazing view outside the building. But there were problems, the normal windows were not that big and had vertical profiles in the center that disturb the view. Secondly, they take space for opening and closing. Similarly, these windows were covered with screens. They close […]

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Vertically Retracting Windows

Vertically Retracting Windows Create Outdoor Space| Dark Hill Hotel

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Vertically Retracting Windows? Vertically Retracting Windows? Seems kind of redundant, right? All windows retract vertically. The difference is that not all vertically retractable windows can be an entire wall. The Panora is a window or a door. While retracting up, walls are completely removed creating an outdoor space with the touch of a button. The Panora can also retract down […]

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Santo Cielo – Chicago, USA

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Commercial  —  Restaurant/Cafe  —  Panora Have you ever seen the beautiful sunsets in Chicago? Well, as a connoisseur of incredible views, you should know Santo Cielo Restaurant, on the fifth floor of the Hotel Indigo, located in Chicago. This sight is well known to residents and visitors of the city. We have used the Libart Panora Automatic Vertical Retracting Windows. It […]

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Retractable Windows

Breathtaking Retractable Window at 1 City Works of Wheeling

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Overview Retractable window, City Work’s Eatery and Pour House is a crowd-pleasing juggernaut. Earning recognition for their spacious dining atmospheres and well-integrated outdoor patios for their guests. Patrons relish over their extensive craft beer list all-year-round. In addition, Bottleneck Management oversees the operation of 17+ vibrant, high energy restaurant locations, City Work’s being one of five brands owned by the […]

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Retractable solutions

Breathtaking Retractable Wall Systems at Cooper’s Hawk

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The Story: Enhancing experiences with retractable walls, Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant is an upscale casual dining restaurant with a full-service bar. That said, there is also a private barrel-aging room, a napa-style tasting room and an artisanal retail market, as well. In addition, their signature menu provides a selection of dishes designed to pair perfectly with their own Cooper’s […]

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