Glass Wind Barrier Provides Comfortable Dining

Retractable Glass Railing
Retractable Glass Railing
Retractable Glass Railing
Retractable Glass Railing
Retractable Glass Railing


    Glass Wind Barrier

    Having a restaurant on the shores of the St. Joe River ensures sunny summer days and unforgettable sunsets. Outdoor dining has been critical to a restaurant’s success over the last few years. Similarly, having that success depends on the weather in Michigan meant that the Inn at Harbor Shores needed to find a solution that meant continued use of their outdoor space when the weather wasn’t cooperating. In other words, finding an aesthetically pleasing solution didn’t hinder the views and that fit the upscale feel of the Inn became a priority. Meanwhile, Stoett’s Kinetic glass wind barrier solved that problem.


    In addition, the Kinetic is a non-motorized glass wind barrier (and railing) that requires zero electricity and doesn’t require a building permit to install. The Kinetic delivers an unobstructed view that fits the high-end look of any restaurant.



    Furthermore, because of its structural glass glazing, virtually no support system is visible from the outside. Internally, the system has extensive structural support to achieve the necessary safety for a glass handrail with the bonus of a wind and rain shield when needed. As a result, the structures can be freestanding (and moveable) or bolted to the ground for a more permanent solution. Kinetic can be up to four feet wide and eight feet tall. The four feet sections can be linked together to achieve your desired length.

    Why Kinetic?

    • Vertically Retracting Glass Handrail & Wind Barrier
    • Wind & rain shield
    • Raises and lowers manually
    • Protects from harsh weather conditions
    • Unobstructed panoramic views
    • Structural glass for reliability and durability
    • Simple Installation

    Therefore, Providing a comfortable dining experience for your guests while maintaining maximum use of your restaurant space is essential. Kinetic can give you the best of both worlds.

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