M Gallery Istanbul


    M Gallery Istanbul

    M Gallery Istanbul Skylight is simply said as the place where the natural light is coming. It is from where you can see the sky clearly without any hindrance of structure or other. Among many of the retractable structures which Libart is providing specifically to the Hospitality industry for the last 3 decades; the one at the Galata Istanbul hotel has its aura. Specifically designed to site specifications and the weather conditions this retractable glass roof structure brings the freedom to the owners. They can easily mode it up to the indoor comfort in severe weather by closing the automatic roof at the touch of a button. On the other hand, it can be open up when the sun shines and healthy airflow brings happiness on the faces sitting inside.

    Most of the clients who are choosing hotels are always considering the comfortability that the place is offering. It ranges from the rooms to every commonplace within the hotel. The restaurant at the hotel is the most important place as people sits here to spend their quality time talking something important about their life and business or just want to relax enjoying the view.

    Stoett Skylights

    The M Gallery Istanbul utilizes Stoett’s Skylight feature. The Skylights serving as the roof of Hotel Galata Istanbul restaurant roof is massive in size. Once open the sky is as clear as there was nothing there. The experience for the people sitting inside is pleasant.Maintenance of this structure is easy and takes no time and very light on pockets. The automatic systems are reliable having the feature of connecting it with a central automation system of the hotel.

    Enhance your patio experience with ClearSky and SolaGlide retractable skylights and roof. Your enclosed spaces are no longer limited to being indoors spaces only. Open it and there is nothing left between you and the blue sky. SolaGlide is a versatile choice for your project and is ideal for restaurants and patios as well as commercial and residential pool areas.

    M Gallery Istanbul
    MGallery by Sofitel Accor Hotels
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Telescopic Vertical Retracting Railing
    1.50m x 1.85m (47 pieces)
    6mm Tempered glass

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