Oncu Wedding Hall: Retractable Enclosure


    Oncu Wedding Hall

    How do you guarantee outdoor events, months in advance? The Oncu Wedding Hall large outdoor areas are fantastic prime real estate for a sporting event, family gatherings such as weddings and commercial venues. However, they are at the mercy of weather and temperatures. Libart retractable venue structures are for just such an occasion. Not only do they spectacularity frame the area as would a portrait, but they shield the zone year-round to be used at the whims of the landowner.

    Featuring 21 bays this opening roof can cover the open area within 10 minutes. Libart retractable outdoor enclosures will assure your clients a dry and secure space. Great for any party, wedding, a corporate or private event all year round. Guaranteeing your outdoor space with Libart’s retractable venue buildings allows greater revenue. This outdoor venue, with its attached telescopic dome featuring an in-ground swimming pool design, tripled this client’s revenue.

    Summarizing the whole, it is for sure that any commercial business that is generating revenue through his space can maximize the revenue using Libart Retractable products.

    Evolution Freestanding

    Above all, Evolution Freestanding retractable roofs can easily open and close, giving you the flexibility of an indoor or outdoor living experience in the same area. Furthermore, Operation can be manual or motorized, utilizing SecurTrak™ system for structural safety and ease of operation. Evolution Freestanding structures site specific and user needs from 6 base models. There are extensive door and window options to provide access and ventilation without opening the system.


    Oncu Wedding Hall
    Konya, TR
    Aquatic, Health & Sport
    Retractable Structures 
    20m x 43m (65' x 141')
    Top glazing 16X mm Solar Control PC, end-wall and sidewalls are covered with the 4mm Solid by PC material

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