Automatic Pool Cover at Hotel Grand Altuntus Project

Hotel Grand Altuntus Project


    Hotel Grand Altuntus Project

    Along the ancient route of the Silk Road. Sitting just high enough on a hill above the shadowed vale of the local volcano. To a majestic view of the mountain. Its city below might not be the first place a weary traveler would think to look for modern convenience. Yet that is precisely where the Hotel Grand Altuntas can be found in all of its splendor, ering first rate comfort and accommodation to business travelers, history buffs and tourists alike.

    It carries the ability to elegantly serve groups and parties of up to 1000. The Hotel Grand Altuntas has become not only a place of rest for weary travelers, but a perfect venue for weddings and business conferences. Health clubs and fitness rooms as well as onsite tennis courts er the physical outlet guests need to rejuvenate. Turkish baths and a sauna, as well as a massage specialist can help guests unwind, relax, and refresh their bodies. For refreshing the mind, a stroll along the walking path in the garden recommended. And as for refreshment of the soul…

    Automatic Pool Cover

    Above the clouds, resting atop the roof between the hotel and the open skies is an oasis. Hotel Grand Altuntas’ has a beautifully tiled rooftop pool. Furthermore, It shimmers in its all-glass house under the warm Turkish sun in summer. It is a warm bubble of comfort in the harsh winter. With the comfort of an automatic pool cover, the touch of a button can convert this outdoor open-air pool into an indoor oasis protected from Turkey’s cold winters or a passing rain storm. And if the view from the hotel’s vantage point from the top of Esentepe. The highest hill in the province is a splendorous view of this region. Then it seems only natural that the view from the crystal-clear glass-enclosed rooftop might give the soul some refreshment as well.  No matter the weather.

    Additionally, When visitors venture through the Turkish province of Aksaray. They need only to venture as far as a few miles in any direction to conduct business in this bustling city or witness the wonders of the ancient world. However, for true service and comfort, patrons of the Hotel Grand Altuntas need venture no further than the confines of their own hotel.

    Automatic Pool Cover
    Hotel Grand Altuntas
    Aksaray, Turkey
    1" insulated glass for retractable skylights and fixed skylights
    Solaglide Skylights Fixed Skylights
    (6) Skylights 18.5' x 17' ; (1) Fixed 31' x 95'

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