Retractable Roof Comparison

    Everyone knows about the fixed skylights in homes. You know, basically, a window in your ceiling that gives you the benefit of a little more sunlight and a “sky view”. But, who knows about the retractable roof system that completely opens up the ceiling to the sky? Not too many know this is an option for nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. The ones who have brought it into their dining and hospitality experience have commended the concept because of the reaction of their guests.

    Oliver Badgio, construction manager for Dominick’s Steakhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona (pictured below), noted that when their rooftop opens while guests are dining, “people applaud”. Who knew a retractable piece of architecture could get a standing ovation? Bringing the outdoors in apparently brings in the crowd.

    The retractable roof system by Libart provides a fully open sky view. There are no beams or sub-structure in the way. Mounted on a rooftop, this structure disappears when it is retracted. When closed, the roof still provides an open sky feel and lets in lots of natural light.

    If you have an existing ceiling with beams, or simply wish to have a more subtle retractable design, the retractable skylight may be the option for you. Rooftops with single or double slopes can utilize this skylight system.