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    We generally see our PanoramaUltra retractable screens on our customers’ back patio, deck, or sunroom. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to find out that not only were our high-quality retractable screens being used by the Woods family ( but being used on the front of their house. We know that our screens are pretty enough feature out front; we were ecstatic that they did too.

    Stoett Outdoors will provide you with the absolute best outdoor screen solutions. Not only are we dedicated to designing products with a custom feel while using long-lasting materials but also doing it all with our customers’ needs foremost in our mind.


    With a sturdy frame that fits most openings and simple installation for both DIYers and contractors, PanoramaUltra retractable screens deliver peace of mind for a more pleasant indoor-outdoor experience.

    • Custom-sized components fit openings up to 24W x 13H
    • Side fabric retention system provides screen wind safety rating up to 30 mph
    • High-grade aluminum for durability and corrosion resistance
    • Four powder-coated colors to satisfy your desired aesthetic
    • Three different series to match your specific size requirements


    The high-quality fabrics (either mesh or vinyl) of the PanoramaUltra retractable screens offer the performance, durability, and aesthetics you want to enjoy your outdoor space for years to come!

    • High-grade mesh protects from insects, UV rays, inclement weather
    • Clear vinyl that is thicker than competitor and resistant to “waving”
    • Seam-welded (not glued or sewn) fabrics are long-lasting
    • Variety of colors to match your home design
    • Reduced sagging due to shock-absorbing track design that provides more tension on the fabric


    If you’re looking to make an outdoor space for your guests that is comfortable and attractive, the PanoramaUltra is the screen system for you. The retractable screen functions as a privacy screen, protection from UV rays and insects, or curtain against bad weather—easy to open or close in seconds.

    • Specially selected fabrics to meet your needs
    • Motorized operation includes automatic obstruction stop
    • Low-friction mechanism minimizes screen jams
    • Available in either motorized or manual operation


    Not only does the PanoramaUltra retractable screen system have flexible uses (defense against insects, harmful UV rays, and inclement weather) there are also multiple mounting options to blend in with your home or business architecture and design.

    • Outside surface mount with contemporary square, color-matched top housing, and side rails
    • Inside mount between jambs offers a more integrated look to the opening
    • Dual screen mount includes both an insect/UV/privacy screen and vinyl weather curtain
    • Custom retractable screens with a top roller tube (no housing) that integrates into the wall

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