Vapiano Bordeaux


    Vapiano Bordeaux

    Vapiano Bordeaux, hub of the famed wine-growing region in France is home to thousands of cafes. You can find a cafe or restaurant at every corner of the street. They offer food, drinks and an open space sitting to enjoy your time. Years tradition of sitting around a decrepit bench with wooden chairs is the integral segment of everyday life. This states that you can easily visit a cafe in Bordeaux. But finding a good cafe that offers a cozy outdoor dining place along with a luscious meal needs a little research.

    Vapiano is the Italian-Mediterranean food brand. With its presence in 33 countries on 5 continents endeavors for a friendly and “fast casual” environment at their outlets. One of these outlets, the one located in Bordeaux delighted the customers with its home-like atmosphere and fresh food. At the beginning of 2019, the restaurants invested in portable glass balustrade of Libart.

    Panora Kinetic Glass

    The stylish and aesthetic look of Panora – Kinetic Telescopic windbreaker glass balustrade adds immense value to the Vapiano Bordeaux. These glass balustrades which are not fixed to the ground grant movability whenever needed. However, they are not fixed to the ground. But the robust and galvanized electrostatic painted base that was filled with weight provide strong resistance for high wind loads. The weighted base is actually flower pots integrated perfectly that absolutely enhance the charm of the frameless glass balustrade that is designed with 6 adjustable pads providing secure and flat placement on uneven surfaces. The best about these tempered glass windbreakers is the clear and substantial view that is only possible with no horizontal frames in the center. Easy to operate i.e. a simple push from the top opens the balustrade automatically with Kinetic energy that saves from harsh wind and undesirable weather.

    The Va Piano gratitude Libart with cheerful remarks on this beautiful addition of lively product at their place and commit the same for other outlets.

    Vapiano Bordeaux
    Bordeaux, France
    Restaurant & Cafe
    Telescopic Vertical Retracting Railing
    1.30m x 1.85m (20 Pieces) KU-FC
    6mm Tempered Glass

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