Yeongdeungpo: Libart is proud to have a presence in almost every region of the world with its distributors, projects or designs. Talking about South Korea, we have our presence there for the last decade in the industry of glass roof system. The developed city of Seoul has so many tourist attraction sites with thousands of hotels, restaurants and commercial businesses operating. Furthermore, The introduction of Retractable structures in Seoul by Libart has given the owners of the hospitality industry to operate around the year and makes a difference at their facilities with the unique and royal experience that their customers will get.

    Retractable Glass Roof System

    Additionally, the growing trend of retractable skylights systems has entered the southwest district of Seoul officially known as Yeongdeungpo. Giving advantages to the commercial businesses these retractable Skylights are becoming famous in the city. Let us put light on what benefit they provide? Simply said; transforming your outdoor area in an indoor area to bring attraction to your place and equipped with the freedom from climatic conditions is what these retractable glass roof systems do.

    This project has the retractable roof system of interesting large size. It delivers the occupants with the comfortability of utilizing the operating space at around the year allowing the natural light to fill the environment inside.
    Moreover, talking about system specifications, the important to mention here that the structure is opening 100% due to the available parking area for the retractable system. It has 3 modules and 6 bays, where the size of each module is 4.87 m and they are running on the set of three railings. The total size of the system is 20m that includes the retracting area of 14.5 m and the parking area of 5.5 m. The project was designed, shipped and installed within three months from the day Libart get in connection with the clients.

    Seoul, South Korea
    Residential Complexes
    Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
    W: 7.1m | H: 1.6m | L: 14.5m

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