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Never let your customers compromise their view again with portable or ground-fixed glass railings. Kinetic Retractable Glass Railings is a handrail with the added protection of a vertically retracting wind and rain barrier.

Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing

Why Become a Certified Installer

  • Unique Product: Stand out in the market with our innovative retractable glass railing.
  • No Stock Merchandise Requirements: Save on storage costs; order as per your project requirements.
  • No Franchise Fees: Enjoy the benefits without the burden of additional fees.
  • Sales Training: Equip your team with the skills to effectively market and sell our products.
  • In-House Engineering: Receive support for shop drawings, ensuring precision in your installations.
  • Installation Training and Certification: Ensure your team is well-trained for seamless installations.
  • Digital or Print Literature: Marketing materials to support your sales efforts.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous support in both sales and engineering aspects.
  • Kit or Complete Unit Pricing: Flexibility in purchasing options.
  • Easy Installation: Streamlined installation process for your convenience.
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Two Railing Systems

Kinetic KU-FC:
Ground-Fixed Glass Railing and Windbreaking System

Because Kinetic KU-FC is bolted to the ground, it provides high wind resistance and extra safety.

The system is fixed to the ground or to the platform from 6 points on the lower corners of the system, providing a secure railing and wind barrier.

Kinetic KU-FB:
Telescopic Windbreak Glass Railing with Planter (Movable)

Once filled with additional weight the planter bears the load and gives the system the strength it needs to stay in place and provide protection from the wind.

The removable Kinetic railing includes an attached galvanized, electrostatic powder coated base designed to function as a flower box and counter-weight against the wind. The base is designed with 6 adjustable pads to provide secure and level placement, even on uneven surfaces.


Certified Installer Program