Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing

5 Advantages of Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing

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Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing—An Embodiment of Luxury and Comfort We are thrilled to announce the completion of our latest project, Sakhalin Basement Restaurant, a haven for gastronomy enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of exquisite cuisine and breathtaking sea views. At the heart of this unique dining experience is the revolutionary Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing, a cutting-edge solution designed to ensure […]

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Kinetic Glass Railing

Six Senses Hotel Glass Railing and Wind Break

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Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing and Wind Break is an innovative and premium solution that will enhance the look, durability, and safety of your establishment. Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing and Wind Break Systems: Revolutionizing Hotel Spaces In the hospitality industry, creating a comfortable and visually appealing environment is paramount. Check the use of the Kinetic Glass Railing System at Six Senses […]

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Vertical Retracting Windows

Ve Cafe| Vertical Retracting Windows Offer Extraordinary Views

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Ve Cafe  The Ve Cafe Restaurant is located in a very good location. It offers an amazing view outside the building. But there were problems, the normal windows were not that big and had vertical profiles in the center that disturb the view. Secondly, they take space for opening and closing. Similarly, these windows were covered with screens. They close […]

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Vertically Retracting Windows

Vertically Retracting Windows Create Outdoor Space

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Vertically Retracting Windows? Vertically Retracting Windows? Seems kind of redundant, right? All windows retract vertically. The difference is that not all vertically retractable windows can be an entire wall. The Panora is a window or a door. While retracting up, walls are completely removed creating an outdoor space with the touch of a button. The Panora can also retract down […]

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