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Kinetic Glass Railing

    Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing and Wind Break is an innovative and premium solution that will enhance the look, durability, and safety of your establishment.

    Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing and Wind Break Systems: Revolutionizing Hotel Spaces

    In the hospitality industry, creating a comfortable and visually appealing environment is paramount. Check the use of the Kinetic Glass Railing System at Six Senses Hotels.  

    Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing and Wind Break systems are at the forefront of this innovation, offering a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal that is transforming hotel spaces.

    Innovative Design Meets Functionality

    Kinetic Glass Railing systems are a marvel of engineering, providing a versatile solution to the age-old problem of wind protection. These systems are designed to retract vertically, offering an unobstructed view when not in use and acting as a sturdy barrier against the elements when deployed. The single-glazed tempered glass panes serve dual purposes as both balcony balustrades and windbreak systems, ensuring guests can enjoy their surroundings in comfort.

    Customizable for Any Space

    Whether it’s a beachfront property facing the brunt of sea breezes or an urban hotel dealing with gusty city winds, Kinetic systems can be tailored to fit any space. Available in various widths and with options for fixed or portable installations, these wind breakers can be integrated seamlessly into any architectural design.

    Durability and Safety

    Constructed from structural glass, the Kinetic systems are not only reliable but also durable. They withstand the test of time and weather, ensuring that hoteliers can offer their guests a safe and protected environment. The tempered glass is robust, reducing the risk of breakage and ensuring the safety of guests.

    Enhancing Guest Experience

    By incorporating Kinetic Retractable Glass Wind Break systems, hotels can enhance the guest experience significantly. These systems allow for the creation of sheltered outdoor spaces that can be used year-round, increasing the usable area and offering guests a unique experience of comfort and style.

    Aesthetic Integration

    The sleek design of these systems complements modern architectural trends. The clear glass panels ensure that the visual integrity of the hotel’s design is maintained, while the telescopic functionality means that the systems can disappear entirely when not needed, preserving the aesthetic flow of the space.

    Energy Efficiency

    In addition to their protective role, these wind breaker systems contribute to the energy efficiency of a building. By providing an additional layer of insulation, they help maintain a consistent temperature within the hotel, reducing the need for heating or cooling and thereby lowering energy costs.

    Win with Kinetic Retractable Glass Railing and Wind Break

    Kinetic Retractable Glass Wind Break systems are more than just a functional addition to hotel spaces; they are a statement of luxury and innovation. As the hospitality industry evolves, these systems represent a step forward in creating adaptable, comfortable, and visually stunning environments for guests to enjoy. With their blend of design, functionality, and energy efficiency, these systems are setting a new standard for hoteliers worldwide.

    The seamless integration of this system into any outdoor setting speaks volumes about its adaptability and ingenuity.


    • Unobstructed View
    • Structural Glass Glazing for Reliability and Durability
    • Opens Manually and Closes Automatically with a Simple Push
    • Minimal Profiles
    • Self-Charging Pistons to Eliminate Counterweights, Cables, and Pulleys
    • Retractable Wind Barrier
    • Moveable Option with Flower Box
    • Simple DIY Installation

    For hotel and resort owners, creating a comfortable and luxurious environment for guests is of prime importance in order to stand out in the hyper-competitive hospitality industry.

    Retractable Structures can be customized and tailored to fit the unique needs and style of any property from elegant sunrooms that provide year-round indoor-outdoor living to automatic pool enclosures that offer privacy and protection from the harsh elements. The company’s state-of-the-art engineering and design expertise allow for durable and energy-efficient structures that are easy to operate and maintain.

    Additionally, these structures create an unforgettable guest experience that elevates the overall ambiance of the establishment. The added flexibility and versatility that retractable structures afford make them ideal for event spaces, restaurants, and other outdoor venues.


    Six Senses Hotel Wind Breaker
    Six Senses Hotel
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Hotel Resort
    Kinetic Glass Railing System
    KU-FB: 1.5m x 1.85m (40 pcs) | KU-FC: 1.5m x 1.85m (32 pcs)
    6mm Tempered Glass

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