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This Mamaroneck home by the sea offers energy conservation in all areas with the area's first certified Passive House.

Retractable Screens
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    Passive New York House

    Enhanced by retractable screens, the home was built around a unique concept, originating in Germany in the 1990s,  The 1960 split level was no easy renovation to turn into a Passive House. The project took 18 months. However, homeowner, Veronique Lablanc, wanted to be sure the home would match the elegance and charm of the location itself. She worked with Andreas Benzing, New York architect, to perfect this home’s design. In addition, even though she would be selling the home after renovation, she proudly stated that she designed and furnished the home as if she were staying there.

    Retractable Screens

    Lablanc stated that she wanted the home to blend the indoors with the outdoors, which is why it is very open and brings in lots of light. Using retractable screens to help with the indoor/outdoor blend, she had StowAway™ door screens incorporated into many doors. Phancy Screens of New York, dealer of Stoett, ordered custom retractable screens for the 10 doors of the home. Three sets are French doors and four are single retractable screen doors.

    The homeowners of this innovative house wanted the screens for insect protection, to be able to enjoy the breezes and things of the sea, without bringing the pests in with it.  Bringing in cool breezes off the bay on a late summer’s evening would be the perfect time for these New York residents to enjoy their screens.


    For instance, Benzing briefly discussed the passive concept as trying to minimize heat loss and maximize heat gain, but more characteristics are listed below:

    • Super insulated (6 layers on this particular home)
    • Solar energy and orientated to best work with the sun’s energy
    • Energy recovery ventilator (breathes for the home; refreshes the air every 3 hours)
    • Reduced heating and cooling costs (she only pays a $40 bill monthly for this 5,192 square foot home)

    Above all, the home also has triple-pane windows and doors.

    Lablanc only stayed in the home for a month after renovation to add finishing touches and make sure the house was ready for a new owner. She said she is ready for new adventures! The home was on the market for $3.649 million.


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    Passive New York House with Retractable Screens
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