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    City Barbeque: Retractable Screens for Barbeque Paradise

    The next time you’re in Cincinnati, be sure to stop at the City Barbeque on Eastgate. But don’t ask about their award-winning barbeque sauce, because they won’t give away their secret recipe. No way! However, ask them about the retractable screens they had installed in their restaurant, and they’re likely to spill the beans!

    “We just love them,” says Lindsey, a manager at City Barbeque, one of five restaurant locations in the city. “People ask us about them all of the time—they think they’re pretty cool!” Lindsey says she started at City Barbeque about a week after the Stoett retractable screens were installed in the restaurant. That was four years ago. The staff and customers have been enjoying them ever since.

    “We like to draw the screens down to get some ventilation into the place,” said Lindsey. The screens, which face an outdoor patio, allow people to relax outside and hear the buzz of the city and still feel like they’re still part of the lively crowd at City Barbeque.

    Stoett Screens

    The local Stoett dealer, The Screen Shoppe, installed Panorama ™ screens in three garage door openings in the restaurant. Panorama™ is the largest of the Stoett line of screens. They’re fully automated, running up and down on inconspicuous vertical side rails that keep the screens taut and looking good. The switch for the screens is in a handy spot for wait staff, that is, where they won’t be bumping into customers to reach it. This way they can open and close the screens without spilling any of their famous sauce or signature fries!

    The screens have been problem-free all these years, according to staff. More importantly, they keep out the critters. In all the times they’ve been using the screens, and they use them often, there has been nary a critter sighting. They even use the screens in the milder days in the winter, Lindsey says. She says people will go outside and sit next to a space heater out on the patio.


    Retractable screens like the ones installed at City Barbeque are made from very durable material. In addition to an insect barrier, these screens also cut down on UV rays. Canisters at the top of the door openings quietly draw the screens in and out of site. You can custom order the rails and canisters so that they blend in with the décor of your home or business.

    Stoett offers retractable screens for a variety of applications and openings. Got a porch you want screened in? No problem. Gazebo? French doors? Windows and door openings? RV? We’ve got you covered. And by the way, while you’re at City Barbeque, check out their Southern Fried Catfish and new Atlantic Smoked Salmon. Both come with their top secret homemade tartar sauce!

    City Barbeque: Retractable Screens
    City Barbeque
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