Godiva Zorlu Center


    Godiva Zorlu Center

    Godiva Zorlu Center: With the summers coming in Istanbul, the tourist inflow to the beautiful city dramatically increases. People from every corner of the world come to enjoy the beautiful cuisine and moderate temperature of this land which is bridging the two continents. Counting the restaurants and cafes in the city of Istanbul is a hard task, as there are thousands of them. However, finding a good place to spend your valuable time is important to every visitor.

    As an owner of a café or restaurant how you are going to differentiate your place from all the rest? Why would people choose your place over others? The answer is right in the pictures. Transforming your outdoor space into a garden with Libart retracting vertical Balustrades which are moveable. Moreover, these Balustrades from Libart do not just provide your customers with comfortability but also allow for a panoramic view of the space around; that can be a busy square or a landscape.

    Kinetic Product

    Additionally, Godiva, a renowned global brand, famous for its indulgent chocolate has always been the pinnacle of gratification. They make it their priority to be the leader in the market and that makes it the goal of the outlet to be at the top. Considering this, they have added the Libart innovative product “Flower box glass Balustrade” that has no profile in the center for a top-notch, unobstructed view. Working on  Kinetic energy they are easy to operate; only a single touch is required to open, and can be closed with a push. These have high wind loads enabling freedom from climate issues.

    Furthermore, Choosing this product by Godiva shows the potential of the Libart Flower box vertical retracting balustrade. 23 Units were used at the outlet of Gondiva Zorlu Center. The customization which we did for the customization is as follows;
    Height remains same 1.85 m however,


    Godiva Zorlu Center
    Istanbul / Turkey
    Restaurant & Cafe
    Telescopic Vertical Retracting Railing
    23 Units | 12 pieces of 1052 mm

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