Kentucky Campground

    A local Kentucky campground needed to provide year round usage for their community pool so they could provide more than a typical swimming experience. In order to extend their relaxation season they have contracted Libart to build a retracting pool building, protecting the swim area from weather and dust. Meanwhile, these mobile pool covers reduce costs of heating and maintenance whilst simultaneously allowing tenants and campers to enjoy themselves at any point in the year. In addition, Libart telescopic enclosures help districts and municipalities get a greater return of investment for their community recreation areas.

    Aquasun Retractable Pool Enclosure

    Furthermore, AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosures provides a 24/7/365 pool experience. AquaSun can open or close at a moment’s notice when inclement weather conditions occur. Extend your pool season and lower the cost of cleaning and heating your pool. Cost-effective, Increased ROI, and Easy to Own, the AquaSun pool enclosure has several benefits.

    Extend Your Season

    You can use your outdoor pool year-round. Enjoy your pool any day of the year!

    Flex with the Weather

    The retractable feature allows you to enjoy the open sky and fresh air in the summer and create a warm, cozy environment when harsh weather comes in the winter.

    Inconsistent weather in Spring and Fall is no problem.

    Lower Cost of Cleaning and Heating

    Save your money by keeping your pool cleaner and enables a substantial reduction in heating.

    Extend the life of poolside furniture

    Reduces exposure to the wear and tear of inclement weather and harmful UV rays.

    Cost-Effective option to fixed pool enclosures

    3 Standard AquaSun models to fit the most popular pool sizes.

    Above all, For pools with unusual requirements, our custom Evolution models are available for design to fit a wide scope of specific site specifications.

    Kentucky Campground
    Kentucky, USA
    Aquatic, Health & Sport
    Retractable Structures 
    13m x 23m (44' x 77')

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