Retractable Glass Windows and Walls| KRN Office


    Installing automatic guillotine windows at the KRN office redefined the vision of the company. 

    No more drab, uninspired workspaces!

    With vertical retracting windows, the environment inside the office literally became lighter and airier… ultimately increasing the productivity of the team. 

    Retractable Glass Windows and Walls

    At the touch of a button, the retractable glass windows and retractable glass walls can be opened to allow in fresh air and sunlight to lift the mood; then easily closed for inclement weather conditions.

    The aluminum and glass window of the Libart system retracts vertically saving space and the innovative design hides all the operational equipment inside the frame; these stylish and modern windows also enhance the architectural design of the building.

    Also, these retractable glass windows have excellent thermal insulation of 1.6Uw.

    Libart has decades of experience and is the authority in the industry for providing solutions that best fit customers’ needs. From idea to installation, the team at Libart works tirelessly to provide the customer with the best option for retractable windows. 

    The KRN team became true believers in the difference our window and door systems could make; seeing is truly believing. 

    Libart designs its products taking into consideration the feelings of the person who will look through the windows. Here, we achieved the best experience for our customers by using vertical retractable windows and walls.


    It was obviously the best choice, as was noted in the customer feedback after the project was completed.


    KRN Office
    KRN Architectural Office
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Private Villas
    Vertical Retracting Door & Window 
    6mm Clear T. + 20 + 6mm Clear T.

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