Pool Enclosure Project #4328

    Pool Enclosure Project #4328: Before we heard about you we were looking into purchasing property in Florida or Arizona and becoming snowbirds. Now, for a tenth the cost, we have a tropical refuge in mid-winter….


    “Thank you, Libart.  Our pool enclosure is a delight.  All we had hoped for and more.”

    “Before we heard about you we were looking into purchasing property in Florida or Arizona and becoming snowbirds.  Now, for a tenth the cost, we have a tropical refuge in mid-winter, and the refuge is in our backyard, where we fill it with grandchildren and close friends, instead of a thousand miles away where we know no one.”

    “Our only regret is that  Libart wasn’t around when our own children were little.  As I’ve already told my two adult sons, we could easily have taken the cash to pay for a pool and Libart enclosure combo out of a 5% refinancing of our home and it would have cost us maybe $200 per month extra on our house payment.  That means that for less money than you pay for membership in a noisy, crowded, summertime-only neighborhood swim club, we could have had a year around, safe, and lockable home swim and playground for our kids, one that we would have used all the time as well.  Rats!”

    “More specifically, with regard to our own new pool enclosure, we have owned it only in the dead of winter thus far and we already love it.  The very first day we used it after returning to town from a visit to see a newborn granddaughter it was snowing and 12  degrees F outside.  Four adults and two young kids swam comfortably in the 88-degree water inside our unheated enclosure for almost two hours.”

    “In full sun the temperature of the enclosure has reached as much as 53 degrees hotter than the outside air (70 inside, 17 outside).  With outside temperatures around freezing the inside air temperature, warmed only by the pool water (which is now kept at 85 degrees and is covered with a solar blanket except when in use) is 75-85 degrees in full, mid-day sun; 65-75 in partial sun; and 50-60 on densely overcast days.  What is more, these temperatures were obtained during the short days of early-mid February in Northern Maryland.”

    “In just a month we have already had 3-weekend pool parties, 5 swim dates for our grandkids, and my wife and I have adopted the enclosure (rather than our kitchen) as the location of choice for our daily cocktail and card respite.”

    “On the practical side, my wife and I, both in our 60’s, can slide the entire enclosure open and shut with ease.  This allows us to control overheating exactly as one of your other testimonials claimed it would. The side and end sliding doors work perfectly, the pool light glowing through the blue solar blanket looks every bit as cool as your Bellingham customers said it would, plus the largish area we left around the pool is perfect for sunbathing, locating great-looking tropical plants, and for giving my next summers crop of tomato plants a head start.  In fact, we plan on turning the far end of the enclosure into a good-sized greenhouse area for wintertime plant storage and starting, while continuing to use the side closest to our house as an entertainment area for guests and kids.”

    Thank you again.

    Pool Enclosure Project
    Retractable Pool Enclosure
    1 side sliding door, 1 extra wide bi-parting semi auto sliding door, 2 screened windows, 6" of extra height, as well as extra track for full retraction of both gable ends. R2 retraction with 6 modules and 7 bays. 10mm clear twin-wall PC top and rear gable end. All other vertical side and one gable ends in 4mm transparent clear.

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