Malta Private Villa


    Malta Private Villa

    The Malta private Villa has a retractable roofing system over a private residential pool is a double pitch (A frame) featuring 2×12 bays. The pool cover was built over a structural aluminum system with remote control motorized retractable roofing. The glazed in 16mm triple wall Solar Control (SC) PC glazing allows the owners of this inground pool to enjoy its comforts all year. This specific pool enclosure has the profile color Euro White (Ral 9101). The complete system was supplied by Libart and sold and installed by CoverIt in Malta.

    Everyone Has A Window Seat

    In addition, have you ever noticed how everyone gravitates to window seating? A SolaGlide retractable roof lets in the natural sunlight when closed and creates a fresh, outdoor experience when open. And, who wants to be inside on a sunny day? You can fully capitalize on all of your available seating with Libart SolaGlide. That means revenue-producing seating, no matter the weather. Choose SolaGlide for indoor comfort and outdoor freedom.


    Furthermore SolaGlide is Energy Efficient, Year-Round Use, Maximum ROI.vIs it a retractable skylight or a retractable roof? Yes! SolaGlide functions as a retractable skylight but can form the entire roof area. So, either term is perfectly appropriate. Above all, SolaGlide is a versatile choice for your project and is ideal for restaurants, patios, and commercial and residential pool areas. In conclusion, smooth and quiet, the motorized operation ensures that your guests only notice the outdoor experience you have brought to their indoor space.

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    Malta Private Villa
    Valletta, MT
    Private Villas
    Retractable Skylights / Roofs 
    7.7m x 13m (25' x 42')
    16mm triple wall Solar Control PC glazing

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