Ontario Pool #4401

    A design that is becoming more common, Libart retractable enclosure attached to a pool building.

    Ontario Pool #4401. This 27 by 50-foot pool enclosure is attached to the side of this home in Inverary, Ontario. The resident can now travel between his house and his swimming pool cover with little discomfort as sealing the building prevents cold air and dirt from getting into the relaxation area.

    The 4 screened windows allow in fresh air depending on the needs of the owner and during the summer months the entire pool enclosure can retract allowing perfect outdoor freedom to the indoor comfort of the home.


    This unit has 4 screened windows, 2 in Module 1 and two in Module 4. Module 3 has one side sliding door (D7). The owners chose our sandstone color for the frame (RAL 1019). This unit has 4 modules and 8 bays and R2 retraction.

    Top and side 1 are glazed in 10mm clear transparent PC. Side 2 and gable ends are glazed in 4mm clear transparent acrylic.

    Aquasun Retractable Pool Enclosures

    AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosures provides a 24/7/365 pool experience. Above all, AquaSun can open or close at a moment’s notice when inclement weather conditions occur. Extend your pool season and lower the cost of cleaning and heating your pool. Cost-effective, Increased ROI, and Easy to Own, the AquaSun pool enclosure has several benefits.

    Extend Your Season: Your outdoor pool can now be year-round. Additionally, enjoy your pool any day of the year! Flex with the Weather: The retractable feature allows you to enjoy the open sky and fresh air in the summer and create a warm, cozy environment when harsh weather comes in the winter. Inconsistent weather in Spring and Fall is no problem.

    Lower Cost of Cleaning and Heating: Save your money by keeping your pool cleaner and enables a substantial reduction in heating. Extend the life of poolside furniture: Reduces exposure to the wear and tear of inclement weather and harmful UV rays. Cost-Effective option to fixed pool enclosures: 3 Standard AquaSun models to fit the most popular pool sizes. For pools with unusual requirements, our custom Evolution models are available that can be designed to fit a wide scope of specific site specifications.

    Easy to Buy: A pool enclosure expert will help you select the best solution for your pool. Moreover, we will provide a “Before you Buy” checklist that identifies the key considerations you need to address before ordering.

    Furthermore it is easy to Install: We will guide you through a straightforward installation process or for an additional charge, provide an onsite supervisor to direct your crew. Our systems are engineered for quick installation, usually within 1 to 2 weeks after delivery based on your deck requirements.

    Easy to Operate and Maintain

    Moreover, our manual operation easily opens and closes in minutes.

    • Manual operation deletes the need for special electrical or mechanical systems
    • Power closing available on the custom Evolution series.

    Above all, it is Durable.

    • Built to IBC (International Building Code) for your safety.
    • Designed to withstand your local snow and wind loads.
    • Built with Structural Aluminum (6061-T6), Baked on electrostatically powdered paint for years of problem-free usage.
    • All hardware and components are stainless steel and/or non-corrosive materials.
    • SecurTrak rail systems guarantee easy one side operation, guaranteed security against heavy winds.
    Ontario Pool #4401
    Inverary, Ontario, Canada
    Private Villas
    Retractable Structures
    10m x 14.6m ( 34' x 48' )
    Top is glazed in 10mm clear transparent PC / All other glazing is 4mm clear acrylic

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