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    Retractable Walls

    Planning to convert an outdated power plant into a 4 Star lakeside hotel required pulling out all the stops. After all, sitting in the lobby while in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world would mean very little if patrons were gazing into a brick wall. Enter Panora Retractable Walls. Panora creates a level of richness with all of the practicality needed to ensure a level of comfort expected at a 4 Star hotel.

    The inherent architectural style of the building presented a challenge with the rather heavy mood of the materials used in industrial design. The obvious answer was to create a lighter, more luxurious tone by installing the Panora retractable walls (glass) and windows. The glass brings a sleek and airy balance to the space and also allows for taking full advantage of the setting.

    When retracted, the Panora sliding glass wall feature allows the lobby and lounge areas to become one with the outdoor space instantly. When closed, the space is still full of light and presents a fully unobstructed view.

    Panora retractable walls and windows are easy to operate with the simple touch of a button and do not require taking up any additional space for functionality, allowing premium usable space to be maximized.

    The Panora system is the answer when your project calls for unobstructed views and a streamlined flow bringing the benefits of easy access to the outdoors and an airy dynamic plane. To learn more about Panora, click here.

    Steam Hotel Sweden
    Steam Hotel
    Vertical Retracting Door & Window 
    3 x 2,9 m ( 9’ x 9’ )
    8mm Tempered + 16 + 8mm Tempered

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