Restaurant Retractable Skylights


    Restaurant Retractable Skylights

    Restaurant Retractable Skylights: The hit TV Show The Block, in the series the Glasshouse, featured a total of 5 Libart SolaGlide Retractable Roofs.

    Four smaller opening roofs protect the retail shops including The Block Café in showery weather and from extreme sun in the summer.

    The larger roof in the atrium area, in the foyer to the apartments, features a large sliding skylight with a span of 8 metres by 5 metres. In the open position light spills spectacularly into the atrium and garden area. The plants underneath the Libart roof thrive.

    A classic example of Motion in Architecture at The Block with the catch cry “Let there be Light”!

    Solaglide Retractable Skylights

    Everyone Has A Window Seat. Have you ever noticed how everyone gravitates to window seating? A SolaGlide retractable roof lets in the natural sunlight when closed and creates a fresh, outdoor experience when open. And, who wants to be inside on a sunny day? You can fully capitalize on all of your available seating with Libart SolaGlide. That means revenue-producing seating, no matter the weather. Choose SolaGlide for indoor comfort and outdoor freedom.

    Energy Efficient, Year-Round Use, Maximum ROI. Is it a retractable skylight or a retractable roof? Yes! SolaGlide functions as a retractable skylight but can form the entire roof area. So, either term is perfectly appropriate.SolaGlide is a versatile choice for your project and is ideal for restaurants, patios, and commercial and residential pool areas. Smooth and quiet, the motorized operation ensures that your guests only notice the outdoor experience you have brought to their indoor space.

    SolaGlide is engineered to provide excellent thermal and weather insulation for all climates. Standard design features include:

    Amazing Thermally-Broken Mullions

    Outstanding Insulated Glass

    Sturdy Weather-Sealed Components

    Wonderful Hidden Drive

    Effective Motorization

    Guaranteed Maintenance-Free Operation