Eco-Friendly Brazilian beach house? Yes, please. There are no plush amenities, no traditional energy sources, and no running water. But, there is a focus on energy consciousness that is a trend that is here to stay. Stoett Industries is proud the builders have decided to use the PanoramaUltra retractable garage screens in such a forward-thinking and eco-friendly space.

    Six large openings off of the living space on both levels of the structure are a stunning focal point for the home. Retractable garage screens from our PanoramaUltra product line ensures and protects the house from insects. It also allows the home to be open to the outdoors and the breezes of Belize. The screens anchor in the track. As a result, it forms a seal that keeps the bugs out.  Not only can you customize your screen’s design, color, and screen type, but you can also choose whether your screen is motorized or manual.  So whether you are protecting your amazing beach house or just your garage, PanaoramaUltra Retractable Garage Screens can be customized to fit your specific needs.


    We are thoroughly enjoying the trend of garage doors in living spaces. It opens up a new world of possibilities and creates more indoor/outdoor living- just how we like it!  See this fantastic post on the trend.  For info on garage screens, visit here.


    Living Room Garage Screens on Belize Beach House
    Panorama™ screen

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