Superior Steakhouse Shreveport


    Superior Steakhouse Shreveport

    Boundaries no longer apply!When using the Panora retractable window to provide options and expand clients’ dining experience, the Superior Steakhouse Shreveport blended fine dining with the fresh, casualness of the outdoors.

    Feast upon and devour the surroundings brought in by removing the boundaries of traditional windows.

    Without worry, your retractable window will allow indoor dining areas to meld seamlessly with the outdoors. 

    Relax, slow down, engage the senses…

    Choose these retractable window panels for smooth motorized movement. A simple click will allow the glass to raise or lower. Each panel raises and then nestles in and stacks behind the next. No additional space is needed for housing the now hidden panels.

    Panora is Different!

    Panora uses vertical retraction to move glass panels up and down. For glass wall and glass door applications, the panels open in the up position permitting passage underneath. For window walls, Panora opens by consolidating panels in the down position, creating a built-in balustrade. In either case, Panora creates an opening of 66% to 75% of the rough opening (depending on number of panels used). This equates to 100% of the truly useable space.

    The Panora retractable window advantage:

    • Controlled airflow
    • Wide, unobstructed views 
    • Refreshing breezes
    • Natural light 
    • Night time ambiance
    • Fast, easy transformation

    To Learn More About Panora, Click Here!

    Superior Steakhouse Shreveport
    Louisiana / USA
    Restaurant & Cafe
    Vertical Retracting Door & Window 
    GUM-D4: 4.5m x 2.7m (5 units)
    8mm Clear T. SN 70/37 + 16 + 8mm Clear T.

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