Vallgatan Coffee Shop| Retractable Screens for Breathtaking Views


    Vallgatan Coffee Shop

    The Panoramic windows installed at the Vallgatan coffee shop in Sweden connects indoor and outdoor spaces for the restaurant.

    What can Stoett Provide?

    PanoramaUltra. The name sounds like quality. Appreciating superior materials, experiencing excellent views, and enjoying good times. Every component of a PanoramaUltra retractable screen is made with the highest quality materials and superior American craftsmanship. Regardless of your specific needs, you can rely on Stoett’s reputation for delivering the best products to you whether for your home, RV, or business.

    PanoramaUltra can be configured in multiple ways in order to provide privacy and optimal protection from insects, weather, and sun. Common applications include patios, lanais, pergolas, garages, and balconies.

    Stoett can provide a selection of extensive customizable colors, fabrics, and finishes for your specific space. The PanoramaUltra enables optimal motorization and home automation. Stoett satisfies customers’ needs by equipping them with various options for personalized indoor and outdoor living solutions.

    The screens provide shade, privacy, and protection to any living space. Accordingly, our PanoramaUltra vinyl screens are long-lasting and can withstand the toughest of forecasts. As a result, Stoett offers innovative technology and function for superior performance that users can depend on. We pride PanoramaUltra vinyl retractable screens as a premium and reputable product. Altogether, our vinyl screens are a trustworthy product that will make a big difference in your outdoor living space.


    If you’re looking to make an outdoor space for your guests that is comfortable and attractive, the PanoramaUltra is the screen system for you. The retractable screen functions as a privacy screen, protection from UV rays and insects or curtain against bad weather—easy to open or close in seconds.
    Vallgatan Coffee Shop
    Restaurant & Cafe
    Vertical Retracting Door & Window 
    4,3 x 2,8 m (14’ x 9’ )
    8mm Tempered + 16 + 8mm Tempered

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