Wooden Cabin

    Wooden Cabin, located in the forest of New York state USA, this cabin was designed to allow the clients to be immersed in nature while maintaining the comfort and convenience of a contemporary home. The selection of an exceptional door and window system was essential to achieving this vision while maximizing views and allowing options for natural ventilation.

    Limitless…your living space can transform your life.

    Seamlessly blend your indoor space into the outdoor.

    Don’t just blur the lines; remove them!

    Panora sliding glass walls and windows offer visually and physically unobstructed access to nature. You’ve always known the benefits of being in nature; that’s why as a child, you would lay in the grass and gaze at the sky. 

    Choose these retractable glass walls with smooth motorized movement. A simple click will allow the glass to transition with little thought or effort. Safety can still be maintained as each wall or window can be retracted downward but still provide a railing.

    The Panora operable glass wall advantage:

    • Protection from the elements
    • Wide, unobstructed views 
    • Refreshing breezes
    • Natural light 
    • Fast, easy transformation
    • Safety

    Panora is Different!

    Panora uses vertical retraction to move glass panels up and down. For glass wall and glass door applications, the panels open in the up position permitting passage underneath. For window walls, Panora opens by consolidating panels in the down position, creating a built-in balustrade. In either case, Panora creates an opening of 66% to 75% of the rough opening (depending on number of panels used). This equates to 100% of the truly useable space.

    Wooden Cabin
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