Levent Pool Enclosure #4367



    Levent Pool Enclosure #4367

    A pool is a really nice thing to have for a house, isn’t it? However, is it really convenient to be able to use it only in summer, or only in good weather? Probably not. The motto of Libart, “motion in architecture” serves exactly this purpose; to remove any inconvenience that static architecture might cause. Libart brings motion to spaces that offer several usage scenarios. The homeowner does not want to have to pick only of these usage formats. With Libart’s retractable architectural systems, the outdoor spaces of your villa become a Rubik’s cube as you can flip it however you would like.

    LeanTo Retractable Pool Enclosure

    Additionally, this project is a LeanTo Retractable pool enclosure. However, this is not “one ordinary pool enclosure”. This system is fully built with insulated glass and strong aluminum profiles to enclose a thermally controlled space in winter for a joyous pool experience and can be easily retracted within seconds on a beautiful summer day. This revolutionary design is different from Libart’s retractable structures as the profiles also move with the glasses and the complete enclosure system can be retracted.

    Furthermore, LeanTo Retractable Enclosures are designed as a tool to add extra indoor spaces when needed which is attached to existing buildings. This way, the enclosed space becomes an extra room that is accessed from the house but if more outdoor space is needed the patio can be flipped back to its original state. In the Levent Pool Enclosure project, this was the customer’s wish. With LeanTo Retractable Structure the pool became a part of the house with an aesthetic architectural intervention.

    Homeowners can enjoy their gardens or pools all four seasons throughout the year with Libart’s motion in architecture. The systems provide technical, practical, visual, and long-term satisfaction to those who seek versatility.

    Additional Details

    This 5 module pool enclosure system has been designed for maximum comfort and privacy.

    This is another great example of how Libart designs its retractable enclosures to the specifics of hotel, residential and industrial owners, creating the perfect architectural solution to any quandary.

    This system has no windows, 1 single-wing swinging door (D1) on the gable end, and 2 side sliding doors.  The profile colour is RAL 9002 (white) and the system has 5 modules and 10 bays.

    Levent Pool Enclosure #4367
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Private Villas
    Retractable Structures
    13m x 4.5m
    6mm Solar low-e 50/33 + 16 + 55.2

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