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Retractable clear vinyl patio curtains

    Extend Your Patio Season with Retractable Clear Vinyl Patio Curtains

    Every seat in a restaurant is valuable. Providing guests with a comfortable (and safe!) outdoor dining experience is more important than ever. Shake Shack recognized that fact and installed Stoett’s retractable clear vinyl patio curtains to ensure their customers could enjoy their outdoor dining well into the colder months. Your restaurant patrons will be in line to sit in this space with retractable clear vinyl patio curtains.

    What Makes PanoramaUltra the Right Choice?


    With a sturdy frame that fits most openings and simple installation for both DIYers and contractors, the PanoramaUltra system delivers a peace of mind for a more pleasant indoor-outdoor experience.


    The high-quality fabrics (either mesh or vinyl) of the PanoramaUltra offer the performance, durability, and aesthetics you want to enjoy your outdoor space for years to come!


    If you’re looking to make an outdoor space for your guests that is comfortable and attractive, the PanoramaUltra is the screen system for you. The retractable screen functions as a privacy screen, protection from UV rays and insects or curtain against bad weather—easy to open or close in seconds.


    Not only does the PanoramaUltra retractable screen system have flexible uses (defense against insects, harmful UV rays, and inclement weather) there are also multiple mounting options to blend in with your home or business architecture and design.

    To Learn More About PanoramaUltra Retractable Patio Screens, Download Our Brochure!

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